Derek Jeter

This weekend I had the privilege of attending a couple games of Derek Jeter’s last series at The Cell (not counting the playoffs?). I’ve seen him many times, but the most memorable was on 9/18/2001 — the first game back after 9/11. The White Sox had been in New York for a series that was to start on 9/11, and the schedule had the Yankees in Chicago a week later. During the Yankees batting practice, Derek chased down just about every ball hit to right field and tossed them to the fans. I noticed one fan in the 500-level (if you’re not familiar with The Cell, it’s way up there) with a Yankees’ Jersey and a glove. Derek pointed to him and then threw a baseball right to him. There were pre-game introductions like it was Opening Day, and the Yankees received a standing ovation. I don’t remember who won the game.

Here’s a link to “The Flip” – one of the smartest plays ever.

And, if you have time, Sports Center put together Jeter’s all-time Top 10.

Finally, a few pictures from The Cell this weekend.

??????????????????????????????? At bat.Jeter beating out a bunt Beating out a bunt.??????????????????????????????? Signing autographs.

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