Bases Full of Cubans

Before last night’s White Sox game, a short scoreboard video celebrated Orlando “El Duque” Hernandez’ relief appearance in the 2005 playoff game vs. the Red Sox. “El Duque” came in with the bases loaded and no outs and retired the next three batters without a run scoring. Following the video, “El Duque” threw out a ceremonial first pitch to fellow Cuban Alexei Ramirez.

Before the National Anthem, there was a moment of silence to honor Tony Gwynn. During the National Anthem, there was a problem with the sound system, which went dead for a few seconds a couple of times. About half way through the Anthem, the sound went dead for an extended time, and a funny thing happened – as if on cue, virtually the entire crowd started singing the National Anthem! It seems that now-a-days crowds just listen – maybe to hear a celebrity singer, maybe because the artist’s version is too stylized to follow along, or maybe because singing along is “not cool”. But, the experience was uplifting, and maybe the Sox can promote fan participation in the future.

???????????????????????????????In the bottom of the 4th, with the score tied 2-2, singles by Jose Abreu, Alexei Ramirez, and Dayan Viciedo loaded the bases. An astute fan, Chuck, pointed out that the bases were loaded with Cubans. This may be the first time three Cubans have filled the bases? Then, with two outs, Tyler Flowers was up with a 3-2 count (The Sox 4th Cuban, Adrian Nieto, usually catches Johnny Danks, but not this game). Tyler was in an 0-for-22 slump with 19 strikeouts, but drew a walk to force in Abreu with the go-ahead run. Ramirez and Viciedo scored one batter later for a 3-run lead and the Sox went on to win 8-2.

Back to Tony Gwynn — Among his many accomplishments in his 20-year career (batting titles, all-star games, gold gloves, silver sluggers, etc.), two things especially amaze me – while averaging 500+ plate appearances/season, he never had more than 40 strikeouts; and, in 100+ plate appearances against Greg Maddux, he averaged .415 and never struck out.

My favorite site for stats is Baseball Reference. Here’s a link to Tony Gwynn.

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2 Responses to Bases Full of Cubans

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    I’m so amazed that I find your blog postings interesting (although I wait until I can read them leisurely). Take some pride in the fact that yours is the only blog I read regularly. Not even John Vest gets the 100% treatment.

    Nice job of tying Tony Gwynn’s death to an inspirational message of our fans being able to sing the National Anthem if the power keeps going dead (great pun intended!). Our power was out for 1 hr last Sunday and I thought I would never be able to get over not seeing the Game of Thrones season finale first run. But it came back on. Thank God. Tobacco, or in Gwynn’s case, smokeless, does it again. One of my cousins husband (64) in Merrilville was recently diagnosed with a bad type of lung cancer metastatic to his spine. Not sure if my cousin knows it, but if the diagnosis is correct, he has 50 years. She’s going to send the pathology slides and info to me so we can render a second opinion (not by me obviously). At first, they thought he had Stage 4 bone cancer and even that has a slightly better 5 year survival.

    Bases loaded full of Cubans. Too bad you couldn’t Google that since you could be racially prototyped and under a secret investigation if you did. Remember me as maybe the only person you know who has been to Cuba (when I was 5, 1 year before Fidel) and I still remember many details although I don’t recall seeing any members of the Corleone family or Hyman Roth. Sadly, now I often forget my home address and where I parked my car.

    Go Sox! Buyers or sellers? I think the former for 1 or 2 players. But that’s it. Let’s not get crazy …. So far, my summer surprise is that I’m really liking and into the World Cup.


  2. says:

    Prototyped. PROTOTYPED??? Stereotyped. It’s been a really tough week at work.

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