Midnight Sun Game

Midnight Batter

In case you missed it, the Alaska Goldpanners hosted the Lake Erie Monarchs of Toledo, Ohio last-night / this-morning in the 109th Midnight Sun Game. This night baseball game is played each year in Fairbanks on the summer solstice – without lights. First pitch is 10:30 p.m. so the game usually ends at about 1:30 a.m.


The Goldpanners are part of the ABL — a summer league for mostly college players.


I first became aware of this game about ten years ago when Lew Freedman wrote a story about it for the Chicago Tribune. The “Panners” have hosted the game since 1960 and according to Lew, players who have appeared in the game include Tom Seaver, Dave Winfield, Terry Francona, Harold Reynolds, and Jason Giambi.

Fans                                  Love Panners



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1 Response to Midnight Sun Game

  1. dockahn@comcast.net says:

    Can we trade the Cubs for the Goldpanners? Cubs look like their totally playing in the dark. Once a year in the midnight sun is getting to be as much as Cubs fans could take.

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