The Sodfather

I attended games this week on Monday (rainout) and Wednesday. Despite rain from first pitch to walk-off hit, the Sox were able to get the Wednesday game in as the field remained playable. So, I thought I’d post something about a very busy man — “The Sodfather”.

Sodfather in Traditions Spot

White Sox groundskeeper, Roger Bossard, is a third-generation groundskeeper. His dad, Gene was the Sox groundskeeper for over 40 years and Roger took over about 30 years ago when his dad retired.

A few years ago, the White Sox used The Sodfather in one of their commercials re “Traditions” — .

Roger designed a patented drainage system for the opening of the new Comiskey Park in 1991, and this system is now used in the majority of major league parks.

Earlier this year, Roger and groundskeepers from the Cubs, Red Sox, and Rockies held a turf seminar at The Cell, which attracted about 400. Nina Koziol wrote about the event for the Tribune. Nina also reportsd that in 1985, Roger built the first natural turf soccer field in Saudi Arabia (for the Royal family) — and two jumbo jets were sent over filled with refrigerated sod.

Roger Bossard BobbleheadIn 2011, the Sox had a Roger Bossard Bobblehead Day. Due to production problems, the bobbleheads weren’t ready, so the Sox gave out certificates and scheduled another bobblehead day later in the year.

When Roger redid the Wrigley Field turf a few years ago, he lowered and leveled the field. While digging, they discovered parts of the old Bears goalposts. I believe that the lower field allowed the Cubs to add a row of seats in front of row-1.


Ed Jenkins & Sodfather2 2011

My friend Ed with “The Sodfather” during the annual Grinderbash for season ticket holders.

Roger gave Ed a shovel and put him to work during this event.




Here are a few pics from this weeks rains at The Cell.



Every available tractor was used to hold down the tarp during Monday’s storm.






On Wednesday night, Roger and his crew were on the field almost every inning.




Southpaw was sighted on the Fundamentals Deck in his raincoat.
Despite the high price of the Scout Seats, they are not covered.

???????????????????????????????     ???????????????????????????????


??????????????????????????????? Finally, here’s the Angels 5-man drawn-in infield moments before Leury Garcia’s game-winning walk-off single. It’s the fifth walk-off I’ve seen this year!


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1 Response to The Sodfather

  1. Steve Kahn says:

    Nice to see your week as a CWS fan ended on a high note with a crushing defeat for the Mariners and the fireworks starting long before the game ended. Decades ago, I too was a grass expert. While it had nothing to do with baseball, it could have tied in very nicely to bacon-on-a-stick.

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