In the Zone with Hawk & Stone

On April 1, I posted “K-Zone”, which explained a new promotion for 2014 when Chris Sale starts a home game.


Yesterday, the Sox expanded on the idea with Ken Harrelson and Steve Stone broadcasting from the K-Zone. I was able to attend the game and for the first time, I sat in the K-Zone. There was a lot of activity besides Hawk & Stone.

Melton & Garfein in K-Zone



Bill Melton and Chuck Garfein watched part of the game from two rows in front of me in the K-Zone and did a few promos for their postgame show.




Bill and Chuck also generously signed autographs.


Southpaw in K-Zone



But, the biggest commotion in the K-Zone was the result of a visit from Southpaw, who was sitting in my row about 4 seats away.



Southpaw & Fan in K-Zone   Southpaw & Hawk in K-Zone Booth

K-Zone T-Shirt2


Here’s a better look at the T-Shirt and poster than I had on my opening day post.




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