Killer Peas

During a White Sox – Giants game last week, the camera focused on a group of fans who were dressed curiously, but the announcers did not comment on them.

Killer Peas

I took this picture from the telecast and did a little research. As you can see from the fan on the right, they are the “Killer P’s!” (“Killer Peas”).


These fans are celebrating four San Francisco Giants players — Buster Posey, Pablo Sandoval, Hunter Pence, and Angel Pagan. On the back of the fan on the left, you can see part of Buster Posey’s name and number (28). The other fans are, no doubt, also labeled. Pablo Sandoval is nicknamed “Panda” (after Kung Fu Panda), so I don’t know what’s on that pod.

This is a takeoff on the “Killer Bees” theme, which was used in Houston for Jeff Bagwell, Craig Biggio, and various other Astros (originally Derek Bell, but later to include Lance Berkman, Carlos Beltran, etc.).

The Pirates had their Killer Bees of Barry Bonds, Bobby Bonilla and others. I don’t remember any bee costumes, but I hope there were some.

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