8 Ks — One Man, One Vote

deGrom-2This week, Mets rookie pitcher Jacob deGrom struck out the first eight batters in a start against the Miami Marlins. The streak was broken when the Marlins pitcher hit a clean single to right field.

The 8 Ks tied the modern record set in 1986 by Astros pitcher (and current Cubs announcer) Jim Deshaies. This reminded me that Deshaies used this accomplishment as part of his tongue-in-cheek campaign for Baseball’s Hall of Fame.

8 Baseballs

“One Man, One Vote” is a slogan used in connection with voting rights, gerrymandering, etc. However, in 2001, when current Cubs’ announcer, Jim Deshaies was eligible for the HoF, he created a web site (no longer there) and waged a campaign to get “One Vote”. I.e. not get shut out in the voting.

Below are a few pages from Jim’s web site and some other interesting(?) facts about Jim and his career.

JD HOF -- ONe Man One Vote

JD HOF -- Eight Ks to Start a Game


Note that to break Jim’s streak, Tommy Lasorda sent up a pinch hitter, Larry See, to bat for the pitcher.




JD Batting


There aren’t too many pictures of Jim batting — and with good reason. Jim holds the record for most at bats without an extra base hit — 373. (not sure if that’s still true)

This record is played up in Jim’s web site batting nickname — “The Sultan of Not”

JD HOF -- Sultan of Not

JD Pride of Massena NY


Jim is from Massena, New York — due north of the HoF. Actor Hal Smith – better known as Otis – grew up in Massena and attended Massena Central High School.


JD Missing Link


Jim broke in with the Yankees on August 7, 1984 — and one of his HoF credentials is that he was the Yankees 1,000th player. He lost that day to the White Sox.

The next year, he was traded to the Astros for Joe Niekro.

JD w Cubs
Here’s Jim as a Cubs announcer.

Chris Berman called him
Jim “Two Silhouettes on” Deshaies.

Mike Schmidt hit his 548th and final home run off Jim in 1989.


Note that Jim achieved his goal. He got exactly one vote for the HoF — from baseball writer John Lopez of the Houston Chronicle.

Also note that Jim states on the web site that the campaign for one vote “… is not meant to denigrate, dishonor or devalue the achievements of those who have reached the Hall or garner enough votes for future consideration. Rather, it is intended to celebrate the fleeting moment of Jim Deshaies’ inclusion on the Hall of Fame ballot.”

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