Shark Cage

Last year, the White Sox debuted the K-Zone for Sale – See post from April of last year —
or the follow-up from August when Hawk & Stone were in the Zone —

Shatk Cap
This year, with the arrival of Jeff “Shark” Samardzija, we also have the Shark Cage.

Instead of the K-Zone T-shirt, fans who sit in the Shark Cage receive a free cap.



Shark Card-1


Of course, you also get a K-Card, but this one is shaped like a Shark fin.






I think the Shark Cage Logo is quite good.

Shark Logos

Samardzija from Shark Tank

Here’s the view of Jeff pitching — from my seat in the Shark Cage. Jeff didn’t have his good stuff and we only got to use the K-Card 3 times. He yielded 6 hits and 2 walks, but managed 6 shutout innings and the Sox won 6-0 for Jeff’s first win as a member of the White Sox.



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