Nobody Night

Lots of stories today about the White Sox and Orioles playing before “No Fans”

This reminded me of a promotion that Mike Veeck (Bill’s son) ran in 2002 as president of the Riverdogs (Class A). He wanted to set the attendance record — for the fewest fans.

So, the Riverdogs didn’t allow any fans into their stadium until after the 5th inning when the game became official and the attendance was announced as zero.

riverdogs fans on ladders

Here’s some River Dogs fans standing on ladders outside of the stadium watching the early innings.

This picture by Alan Hawes is from a USA Today story about the event (link is below).

The promotion was called “Nobody Night”.

USA Today NobodyNight Story


Last season, Mike Veeck, who was the creator of the White Sox infamous Disco Demolition, presented

          “Disco Demolition 2: You Better Belieb It”

I posted about it here —   Disco Demolition 2

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2 Responses to Nobody Night

  1. Chuck says:

    I guess Shark misunderstood and he thought he didn’t need to show up either.

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