May 17 and Ninety-Six

Happy Birthday Carlos May.

May17 BH FandBCarlos May’s birthday is significant because he is the only player in MLB history to wear his birthday on his back.


Carlos also played for the Yankees and Angels, but did not wear number 17 for either team.


Carlos played with the White Sox from 1968-1976. His 17 games in ’68 meant that he was a rookie in ’69 and he finished 3rd in the MLB AL Rookie of the Year voting (Lou Piniella won). Carlos did win the less prestigious Sporting News AL Rookie of the Year. He played for the Yankees in ’76-’77 and appeared in the 1976 World Series.

While on the White Sox, Carlos was an All-Star in 1969.

And, he was an All-Star in 1972 despite losing his right thumb to a mortar accident while on Marine Reserve Duty in August of 1969.

Big League Brothers

Carlos brother Lee played 18 years for various teams and was a NL All-Star three times including one of Carlos’ All-Star years — 1972.


Why is this post named “May 17 and Ninety-Six”?

The Ninety-Six refers to William Voiselle who wore his hometown on his jersey – #96.

Bill was from Ninety Six, South Carolina.

William Symmes Voiselle
(Ninety-Six or Big Bill)
Bats Right, Throws Right
Height 6′ 4″, Weight 200 lb
Debut: September 1, 1942
Final Game: July 8, 1950     

The Chicago Chapter of the Baseball Writers Association of America (BBWAA) established an award recognizing the major leagues’ top rookie following the 1940 season, selecting Lou Boudreau for the honor. They presented the award to Voiselle following the 1944 season.

In 1944, Voiselle appeared in 43 games for the New York Giants. He finished the season with a 21-16 record, 312.2 innings pitched, 161 strikeouts and a 3.02 ERA. Major League Baseball lacked a true Rookie of the Year award in 1944, but he received the equivalent. Voiselle is the last rookie pitcher ever to have pitched more than 300 innings in his initial season. 


I took this picture on a vacation side trip to Ninety Six and discovered that the city is the location of a National Historic Site.

The first land battle of the Revolutionary War fought in South Carolina took place at Ninety Six in 1775. The National Park Service maintains a visitor center, a museum, and (surprise!), a gift shop. Visitors can walk through the battlefield where the 28-day siege (the longest of the war) of Star Fort took place. About 550 Loyalists held the fort against 1,000 Patriots, and the two sides finally reached a truce.

Star Fort

The Start Fort (shaped like an 8-pointed star)was an earthen fort, about 14 feet high with sand bags around the top giving it a height of about 17 feet. The sandbags are gone today, but the fort remains mainly in tact.

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