Hump Day

Minor League baseball teams are known for their “wacky” promotions. Earlier this season, I posted about Mike Veeck (Bill Veeck’s son) and his Nobody Night. And last year, I covered Mike’s Disco Demolition 2.

The last few years, GEICO has done their part to raise awareness of Hump Day with commercials featuring a camel walking around in a business office. Recently, Keith Olberman pointed out that the Lehigh Valley IronPigs (Phillies Triple-A) will be celebrating Hump Day tonight (Wednesday) by wearing special Hump Day jerseys.

JerseysThese player jerseys will be auctioned off to benefit IronPigs Charities and the Lehigh Valley Zoo. Of course, a live camel will be at the game for pictures, etc.

In the above ad from the IronPigs web site, you may have noticed that Bacon USA is a prime sponsor of the IronPigs. Last year, the team debuted their Bacon Uniforms.

And, the IronPigs sell a bacon t-shirt that has a scratch-and-sniff piece of bacon on it.


Finally, in a promotion that cannot be described as “wacky”, last year the team gave away a funeral to one “lucky” fan. According to CFNews13, the funeral package comes with a casket, embalming or cremation, hearse, headstone, flowers, and a funeral or memorial service.

Celebration of Life Night

The winner has ALS — more commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

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2 Responses to Hump Day

  1. Doc says:

    For obvious reasons, I remain concerned about the overall emotional well-being of die-hard Sox fans everywhere. Fortunately, in your case, I don’t think this baseball season has caused any greater change in your emotional well-being than where it was during the winter. I’m happy that you’ve been able to find a healthy, meaningful way of sustaining your focus as a CWS fan. Keep up the good work and, hey, be careful out there!

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