Southpaw Wore a Toga

Southpaw in TogaLast night was Greek Heritage Night at The Cell.

Southpaw Wore a Toga.

Of course, Southpaw always dresses for the occasion. Here are a few pictures of Southpaw from Elvis Night, Mullet Night, Half-Way to St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Fourth of July, and even Mustache Day!


Southpaw Elvis back Southpaw Elvis-2Southpaw in Mullet2Southpaw on St Pats DaySouthpaw as Easter Bunny.Southpaw - HalloweenSouthpawSouthpaw w Mustache

———-Southpaw in 83 Uni

When the Sox wear their alternate uniform (circa 1983), Southpaw follows suit.

Southpaw in Raincoat Dancing






When it rains.

Southpaw & Fan in K-Zone



In the K-Zone, Southpaw sat in my row about four seats away. He wore a Chris Sale K-Zone T-shirt.

I couldn’t find a good picture of Southpaw on Dog Night. (He had floppy ears and a tail.)

Southpaw & B-Hawks Mascot


On Blackhawks Night, Southpaw wears his normal uniform and hangs out with Tommy Hawk.

Southpaw on Turnstile



I first encountered Southpaw in 2003.

He (she?/it?) was standing on the turnstile as I entered the stadium.

Southpaw Barb Gary


Here’s Southpaw with a couple fans.

Southpaw & Friends



Southpaw with some of his friends.


Mr Met

Many fans think that the San Diego Chicken was the first baseball mascot, but according to Wikipedia it was Mr. Met in 1964. Here’s a link to present and past mascots.

MLB Mascots


Last year, the Cubs introduced Clark.Clark

I was going to make fun of the pantsless Clark, but then I remembered the mascots that Jerry Reinsdorf introduced after he bought the White Sox —

Ribbie and Roobarb 1982 w Tony

Ribbie and Roobarb.

Back row — Ribbie, Tony LaRussa, Roobarb.


Waldo the WS Wolf





I was surprised to discover that the White Sox had a short-lived mascot in 1990 named

Wally the White Sox Wolf.

You can get his pin on eBay for $1.95.

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2 Responses to Southpaw Wore a Toga

  1. Chuck says:

    Can he hit?

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