White Sox Retain Cup

Today, the White Sox guaranteed a successful season by beating the Cubs to retain the Coveted Crosstown Cup. Thank you Chris Sale. Like the older, less-coveted Ryder Cup, whoever owns the cup can retain it by splitting the matches.


BP Crosstown Cup



Less-coveted Cup

Of course, in October, each White Sox player gets the Cup for one day to take to their kid’s school, favorite bar, alma mader, local library, or wherever they wish.


The Crosstown Classic began with interleague play in 1997 with the Sox taking 2 out of 3 at Comiskey. The next year, the Cubs swept a 3-game series at Wrigley (only 3 games played in 1st two years). In 1999, the series moved to a 6-game format and generated even more excitement. Here are some pages from the expanded program for 2000.

Cover 001 Rosters 001

Scorecard Pics2 001 Scorecard Pics 001

(Sorry, no room in the post for the Cubbies pictures.)


Over the years, the Classic lost some of it’s excitement (except for Barrett’s punch to Pierzynski’s jaw), but that all changed with the introduction of the BP Crosstown Cup in 2010.

CC - Crosstown-Cup-Logo-e1309917539602  CC w Lou & Ozzie

Actually, the timing for the BP Crosstown Cup could not have been worse. While the Sox and Cubs were competing for the Cup, BP Oil was spilling 200 million gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico. So, BP was not often mentioned when referring to the Cup.

———-Sox w BP Cup - 2015

White Sox celebrate today’s Cup victory.

Photo by Ron Vesely/Chicago White Sox



CC - crosstowncup#99

In 2012, when the Sox clinched the Cup at Wrigley, they brought Kevin Hickey’s jersey out with them for the team picture.


In May of 2012, Kevin died while on a road trip with the Sox in Texas. The White Sox hung Kevin’s #99 in their dugout for the rest of the season. 2012 was Kevin’s 10th year as a batting practice pitcher for the Sox.  Kevin (a 16″ softball player) was signed by the Sox after an open tryout in 1978. He made it to the majors in 1981 and pitched for six seasons for the Sox and Orioles.


The next season, Don Cooper started wearing #99 in honor of his good friend. I’ve talked to “Coop” a number of times at SoxFest and at Spring Training. He is very personable and asked me to bring my “Cooper 99 jersey” down to the Sox bullpen before a game if I’d like him to sign it. I’ll do so later this season.



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3 Responses to White Sox Retain Cup

  1. Chuck says:

    We keep the cup! One of ,if not the, best pitching performances by Sale. Awesome. Nate Jones too. Robertson…not so much.

    • gary1734 says:

      If we’d had Nate all year, things may have been different. I see that the Emilio Bonifacio era is over.

      On Mon, Aug 17, 2015 at 7:02 AM, mostlysox wrote:


  2. Doc says:

    Well, it’s come to that, has it? Splitting 6 games with the Cubs and retaining the Cup makes the CWS season successful. Sigh. On the up side, at least the White Sox players, coaches and manager will have something to do in October!

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