He Gone

Last week, the White Sox fired bench coach Mark Parent with 3 games left in the season. Mark was hired as Robin Ventura’s bench coach when Robin got the manager’s job a few years ago. Mark had a 13-year career, mostly as a backup catcher for multiple teams.


Mark broke in with the Padres and eventually played for another half dozen teams.

There are over 240 listings for his cards on eBay with most costing under $1.



Mark has a reputation for being a no-nonsense outspoken guy.

My favorite memory of Mark’s White Sox years is the time he got thrown out of a game while exchanging the starting lineups before the August 24, 2013 game vs. the Texas Rangers. Here’s a link to a YouTube clip with Steve Stone announcing.

Parent is Gone

ParentEjected-01     ParentEjected-02

This game featured a “fan experience” in which a lucky fan was selected to help deliver the starting lineup to the umpires. Truly a unique experience.


I’m not sure why a team would fire a coach with 3 games left in the season.
The next time I talk to Rick Hahn, I will ask him.

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1 Response to He Gone

  1. Chuck says:

    First Bonafacio then Parent. Major changes for sure as they are the problem. Chuck

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