Sox Christmas Cards

For a number of years, the White Sox have sent out Christmas Cards to their Season Ticket Holders. Here’s one from a few years ago.

Front of Card                             Inside of Card

LetItSnow - Cover      LetItSnow - Inside

In recent years, the Sox have gone digital —
This year sending a Ticket to the White Sox Holiday Train.

Holiday Train Ticket
Click here to go for a ride.

The Sox link to last year’s Christmas Card is no longer active. If the link above does not work, try the YouTube version below.
Sox-2015 Christmas Card on YouTube

The fans, naturally, enter the train car by passing through a turnstile.
Micah Johnson was he only player shown on the Sox Train. Unfortunately, he was
traded before Christmas.

Holiday Train Turnstile Holiday Train Micah

Holiday Train Organist

White Sox organist, Lori Moreland, was
playing on the train.



Holiday Train Southpaw———-
Southpaw was dressed in a Santa Suit.

See the post “Southpaw Wore a Toga”
for a look at some of his other outfits.


Below, a young Sox fan admires the Championship Trophy.
And, the White Sox Racers had a little trouble with the height of the doorways.

Holiday Train Trophy   Holiday Train Legends

Christmas in July T-shirt———-

This past season, the White Sox introduced the promotion “Christmas in July” featuring a free “ugly T-shirt”.


An old Christmas Card and an old video link that doesn’t work anymore.

Xmas card 2012      Sox Xmas Present - 2014


My Favorite Sox Card.

Sox Christmas Card

Nellie Fox Card

My favorite player growing up was born on Christmas.



Merry Christmas.


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2 Responses to Sox Christmas Cards

  1. Seaotter says:

    Love the holiday train and your favorite, of course.


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