Opening Day — 25th Anniversary of The Cell

This year, the White Sox are celebrating the 25th anniversary of their ballpark. (Actually, the ballpark belongs to the state of Illinois.)

Of course, it was called (the new) Comiskey Park when it opened. In 2003, the Sox sold the naming right for $68 million and the park became U.S. Cellular Field. The timing was such that it was U.S. Cellular Field when the White Sox hosted the MLB All-Star Game that year.


One of the changes for Opening Day was a new much larger center field video board that featured video pinwheels that can be used for non-pinwheel functions like  spelling out “HOMERUN”.




Here’s a picture of the mandatory Opening Day Flyover. The planes came from Virginia Beach.



Southpaw on Scoreboard——

The Sox also added new right and left field video boards. Here’s Southpaw in the snow.

Most of the game (delayed only about 20 minutes) was played in light flurries.




Temperature was under 40 degrees, but fans were well prepared.




As part of the 25th Anniversary Celebration, the White Sox are holding a bracket type voting contest among the park’s best moments. Two of the finalists are Paulie’s World Series Grand Slam and Mark’s Opening Day between the legs flip.

25th Anniv BracketsWhen you visit The Cell, be sure to check out the brick pillars around the concourse, which feature paintings of great moments in the park’s first 25 years. Of course, “Little Louie” never played at The Cell — the pillar celebrates the unveiling of his statue.

Pillar-Aparicio Pillar-Buehrle Pillar-OpeningDay

Prior to the opening of the new ballpark, the White Sox ran a commercial featuring famous Chicagoans who said they would be there for Opening Day. Included were Ray Meyer, Red Kerr, Michael Jordan, Bozo (who had trouble keeping his Sox cap on), and others.

Promo - Date

“I’ll be there”  video



Promo - Ray Promo - MichaelPromo - Bozo


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