Southpaw Decorating

This year’s White Sox Christmas Card features Southpaw decorating for the holidays.




Here’s a link to the video.

Sox Christmas Card 2016



Holiday Train SouthpawLast Year’s Card featured Southpaw in a Santa Suit on the “L”.

Here’s a link to last year’s post about Sox Christmas cards over the years.



Instead of cookies, Southpaw left Santa a Chicago Dog.




Note that in Southpaw’s signature, the bottom of the S is the top of the P.
Knowing this, I can see it in the card he signed for me years ago.

southpaw-card-front    sp-card-back-high-res

Southpaw’s residence is listed as U.S. Cellular Field, which, of course, has changed to —



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3 Responses to Southpaw Decorating

  1. Lee says:

    I now know more than I thought there was to know.

  2. Chuck says:

    Merry Christmas Gary🎄🎄🎄best to you and Barb. Trade Southpaw for prospects?

  3. pamelaeasly says:

    Smiling, smiling………….laughing, laughing…………..Thank you and a Merry Christmas to you and Barb. Pam

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