Harmon’s Red Chair


A number of years ago, my wife and I stayed at a hotel in Bloomington, MN across from the Mall of America. We had tickets to a Sox-Twins game and the lower level of the mall has a transportation center with trains to downtown Minneapolis where the Twins played in the Metrodome.

While wandering through the indoor amusement park, which is in the middle of the MOA, I noticed a red chair attached to one of the walls. It looked odd enough to take a picture. Soon, I learned the significance.

Before the Twins played in the Metrodome, they played in Metropolitan Stadium — the present location of the Mall of America. The red chair marks the spot where the longest home run in the park’s history landed — a 522-foot shot by Harmon Killebrew.


killebrew-red-chair-infoNext time you’re in MOA, look for this plaque. My picture didn’t turn out so well, but it says that Harmon’s blast was hit on 6/3/1967 into the second deck — over 520 feet from home plate. A replica of home plate may also be found in the amusement park, but I never located it.



I found this old newspaper photo on-line showing the path of the home run. In those days, they didn’t have TV coverage of every game, and this photo obviously wasn’t taken at the time. Although the batter’s stance looks like Killebrew’s, this batter is getting an intentional walk. Note catcher standing and 2nd baseman and shortstop hanging out near 2nd in case of an overthrow by the catcher (there’s a man on 3rd).

xkillebrew-baseball-card-1966  moa_killebrew_chair1  mall_of_america-2005-05-29  red-chair-w-sign

The Mall of America’s indoor amusement park is sponsored by Pepsi and Nickelodien, and featured rides like “Sponge Bob Square Pants Rock Bottom Plunge”.

At some point, there was a sign next to the chair — not sure if it’s there now.


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One Response to Harmon’s Red Chair

  1. pamelaeasly says:

    It’s (somehow) appropriate that this momentous occurrence was on my 22nd birthday.

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